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Gunga LaGunga

WOOF - Gunga LaGunga

Jeff "Gordo" Gordon - Guitars, Vocals

Michael "Berk" Berkemeyer - Bass Guitar

Rhett "Stix" Pierce - Drums

Dean "Ace" Angermeier - Keyboards, Vocals

"K.C. Tim" Tim Hoggard - Alto Sax

Additional Performances by:

Steve Dubey - Trumpet

Chris Bush - Saxaphones, arranging

Recorded and Engineered by

Ron Pendragon, Fat Tuesday Records

Produced by Jeff Gordon, with Major Assistance by

Allan Thomas at Black Bamboo Studios

Mixed by "Mixin'" Don Mickson

Photos by Jay Armstrong

The Extraordinary Legend of Gunga LaGunga   (as told by Sandra Lani Swift)

On one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the Hawaiian Archipelago, a smart and good-looking Hawaiian princess/godesss sat alone at a popular inn, waiting for the next great adventure to arrive in her charmed life.   She had a widely celebrated gift for helping many people she encountered, in great and small ways.   She did so, sometimes to the disparagement of her sisterly friends, who would wish she would just say “No can!” once in a while.  

 Anyway, sometimes, she would sit upon this bar stool…  (but not too often, you understand, because that would be “wrong”…)  and sipped on her favorite nectar, created by a renowned mistress of the bartending arts, when a young man walked in and sat nearby.   He had a strong, yet gentle countenance and something about him made the princess think to herself that this wide-eyed stranger had a question on his mind for which she knew she had the answer. 

Beaconing to him, he slipped onto a stool next to her and began to tell his story of how he came to be on this idyllic Pacific island, with its majestic mountains that can bring tears to one’s eyes, its lofty waterfalls that seem to originate from the very heavens above, and the sheltered beaches that time seems to have forgotten.   

 He told her that his name was Gordo and that he is one of two young stars whose homes are in the East.   (Actually, somewhere as far East as New Jersey.)   Gordo turned with a twinkle in his eye and said that he and his “brother” star, Dean, had spent many years creating musical inspirations for many people in the faraway eastern towns, but fate and wanderlust had brought him to this magical paradise in the West.   Now, he wondered, how could they possibly recreate their music in this new place and shine in the sky like the stars they were?   They needed some other heavenly influences to support them in their noble endeavor.  

 “A’ole pilikia, e ku’u kaikunāne”, the helpful princess smiled and said.   “I happen to know of two experienced brother stars, who happen to live here in the West.   (Actually, somewhere as far West as Hanalei, Kaua’i.)  They have become disenchanted with the constellation group to which they currently belong, and are seeking a new, fresh place in the heavens.”   

 And with this, the princess/goddess, in her benevolent ability to join those who have lost with those who have found, united the two young stars from the East with the two mature stars from the West, and in a magnificent burst of sound and light, a new constellation was formed for all of this world to behold with glee, and it is called, “Gunga LaGunga”!!!

Legends are narratives of human actions that possess certain qualities that give the tale verisimilitude.  (Don’t want to look the word up?... It means to have some semblance of truth without being too literal.  Ok?)   Anyway, legends are not necessarily made of noble heroes, carried down from one generation to the next for hundreds of years, or come only from distant lands.   They can be born any day, even by one of your flaky buddies, and right in your own garage.   So, pick up your instruments, tune them up and play on, you future legends!